Was does the FHI offer?

The forum historiae iuris platform in the internet offers two aspects:

In the forum, under "Messages", various reports and news items from the faculty are published - from job offers to notices regarding conferences to competitive bids. The "Networks" heading presents selected legal-historical projects, under "Journals", faculty-specific information regarding publications can be found.

Under the Journal heading of the fhi, one can find independent articles, reviews and discussions.

Search and Find

Both areas can be directly selected:

One can reach the forum via the pink-colored menu, the journal can be found via the gray menu in the upper field.

On the start page, one can find the respective, most recent publications of news from the forum area in the right-hand menu field; in the left-hand menu field, one finds the most recent journal articles.

Where can I find the articles, reviews and debates?

The most recent articles can be accessed directly via the left-hand menu on the start page.

Alternatively, you can access the articles, reviews and debates directly via the gray menu above or the appropriate button. There, one can find the articles sorted chronologically by their date of publication. Regarding the targeted thematic search, please use the search or filter function. In each category, directly in the right-hand side, filters can be applied and the shown results can be made to appear based on topic, language or year. In this respect, please select the desired epoch or state the desired language or, as it may be, date of appearance; initiate the filter via selection of the magnifying glass symbol.

How does search work?

The search button can be found on the upper right via the magnifying glass symbol. In the search field, one has the possibility of initiating a differentiated search for contents in the forum historiae iuris. One may search the entire homepage or target a section of the forum or, as it may be, the journal. In the section column, the search field can be limited by categories and, in the third column, the search results may be filtered based on contents or time-based criteria.

Read and cite articles

How are the articles shown?

In viewing the articles, it is possible to select either a summary or the full text. The article can, furthermore, be downloaded as a PDF of printed. The PDF view requires Adobe Reader.

In the monitor view of the full text, it is possible - in the right column of the article - to directly send the article, print it or download it as a PDF.

Likewise, in this column, it is possible to navigate in the text using the table of contents, if available in the article.

In case the article is available in multiple translations, these may be selected via the right-hand menu.

Each paragraph is individually numbered. The appropriate notes are apparent both in the short-form to the right, next to the paragraphs, as well as in the end notes at the conclusion of the article. Via the selection of the end note number, it is possible to jump back and forth between the note and the text.

How do I cite comments and articles?

For each article, in the right-hand menu, a citation recommendation is provided. In addition, the cited passage can be exactly specified via the paragraph numbering.

Adjust settings

How can I change the language settings?

In the uppermost menu, it is possible to select your desired language setting.

How can I change the monitor view?

With the aid of letter buttons, right above, it is possible to modify the text size of the articles.


How can I be informed about news from fhi?

In the uppermost menu, it is possible to apply for an fhi subscription. You will then be informed, free of cost and via e-mail, regarding newly published articles. On this point, we will require your e-mail address as well as a statement regarding which news you wish to receive. The news function can be turned off at any time via the menu.


Kann ich selbst Nachrichten einreichen und mich am Forum beteiligen?

Ja - den Button zur Registrierung bzw. zum Login finden Sie in der Rubrik Nachrichten in der rechten Menüleiste. Nach der Registrierung muss der Zugang zunächst von der Redaktion freigeschaltet werden, danach können Sie sich einloggen und Nachrichten erstellen. Sie können diese dann jeder Zeit bearbeiten, ändern, als Vorschau ansehen, löschen oder einreichen. Sobald Sie diese zur Veröffentlichung einreichen, werden Sie geprüft und innerhalb weniger Werktage online geschaltet.