Was does the FHI offer?

The online journal forum historiae iuris offers you two sections:


Under the heading News, various announcements and news of the discipline are published - from job advertisements to conference announcements to calls for articles/papers/applications. Information on subject-specific publications and online services are listed under Journals.


Here you will find independent articles, reviews and debate contributions from forum historiae iuris.

Search and Find

You can access both areas directly:

You can reach the Forum via the pink menu bar, the Journal via the gray menu bar in the upper area.

On the home page, you will find the most recent news publications from the Forum section in the right-hand menu and the most recent articles from the Journal in the left-hand menu column.

Where can I find the articles, book reviews and debate contributions?

You can access the most recent articles directly from the left menu bar on the home page.

Or you can access the articles, book reviews and debate contributions directly via the gray top menu bar and the corresponding button. There you will find the articles chronologically according to their date of publication. For a specific thematic search, use the search or the filter function. You can use filters directly in the right column of each category and limit the displayed results by topic, language or year. To do this, select the desired era or enter the desired language or publication date and start the filter using the magnifying glass icon.

How does search work?

You will find the search button in the upper right corner with the magnifying glass symbol. In the search mask, you then have the option of a differentiated search for content in forum historiae iuris. You can search across the entire homepage or specifically in the forum or journal section. In the second column, you can further narrow down the search area according to categories, and in the third column, you can filter the search results according to factual and temporal criteria.

Read and cite articles

How are the articles displayed?

When viewing the articles, you can choose between a summary or the full text. You can also download the article as a PDF or print it out. 

In the screen view of the full text, you can directly send, print or download the article as a PDF in the right column.

Also in this column you have the possibility to navigate through the text with the help of the table of contents, if the article offers one.

If the article is available in several translations, you can also access them via the right menu.

Each paragraph is numbered individually. The corresponding notes can be found as endnotes at the end of the article. By clicking on the endnote number you can jump directly between the note and the text.

How do I cite contributions and articles?

For each article you will find a citation recommendation in the right menu bar. In addition, you can specify the quoted passage exactly by using the paragraph numbering. 

Adjust settings

How can I change the language settings?

In the top menu bar you can choose your desired language setting.

How can I change the screen view?

Using the letter buttons in the top right corner you can vary the font size of the articles.


How will I be informed about news in fhi?

In the top menu bar you can request a subscription to fhi. Then you will be notified free of charge by email when new articles are published. To do this, we only need your email address and the information about which news you would like to be informed. You can also unsubscribe from this notification function at any time.


Can I submit messages myself and participate in the forum?

Yes - the button for registration or login can be found in the news section in the right menu bar. After registration, the access must first be activated by the editors, then you can log in and create messages. You can then edit, change, preview, delete or submit them at any time. As soon as you submit them for publication, they are checked and put online within a few working days.