journal Debates Erich Loest´s "Reichsgericht"

Published by: Thomas Henne

Erich Loest´s "Reichsgericht"

The history of the supreme court of the Reich (Reichsgericht) still has to be written. Now Erich Loest contributes his literary share. The author, well known for his books "Völkerschlachtdenkmal" and "Nikolaikirche", once again mixes fiction and reality in his novel: The story, although being placed in the present time, contains many internet-supported talks with former protagonists at the supreme court of the Reich. With this method and guided by the principle that historical facts are to be observed, Loest especially treats the early 1930s and the trial against the fire-raiser of the Reichstag. If only for that Loests reflects the results of the research on the supreme court of the Reich, the book is worth reading !