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Update: New subscription system at fhi

March 12, 2015

Dear readers and subscribers of the forum historiae iuris,

together with the relaunch of the new forum historiae iuris website we have implemented a new notification system. Today we migrated about 500 subscribers from the old notification mailinglist to the new system.

When this message reached you as e-mail notification, everything went allright with the migration and you do not have to do anything further for receiving notifications about new content on the fhi. For more information please read on the webpage the full post this notification referres to.

Until now we informed all subscribers about new content through a mailinglist hosted by DFN. This took sometimes a while after posting new articles. With the new notification system each time a new article or message is published in the forum historiae iuris a notification message is created by the system and send to subscribers by e-mail.

Update on June 17th 2015:

If you have not already subscribed to the fhi you are invited to do so by registering your e-mail at our website: http://www.forhistiur.de/en/abonnement/. During the registration process you have the choice to select the kind of information you want to be notified about: new research articles, new reviews and/or new messages.

If you want to unsubscribe you can do so by following the link each notification email includes at its bottom. You will be taken to the page "Abonnement-Verwaltung" where you can choose which kind of information you don't wish to receive in the future. A confirmation of your subscription setting's change will immediately be displayed.

We hope you are happy with the new fhi and thank you for your attention.

Your fhi team