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PHEDRA – Pour une Histoire Européenne du Droit des Affaires / For a European history of commercial Law

Oct. 14, 2021

Summer School – Domaine de Barthas (Castelnau-Magnoac) – France

29 June-1 July 2022

The I.R.N. « PHEDRA – Pour une histoire européenne du droit des affaires » (https://phedraproject.wordpress.com) organizes its first summer school at the Domaine de Barthas (Castelnau-Magnoac) from 29 June to 1 July 2022. This event, destined to doctoral training and international and inter-generational exchange, will bring together a dozen young researchers and fifteen experienced researchers from all over Europe, for a methodological reflection on the sources of European commercial law history.

The aim is to put into practice, through the thesis subjects of the participating doctoral students, the first methodological results of the PHEDRA program concerning the approach to sources in European commercial law history. The latter is marked by long-term dynamics – both in its normative and discursive aspects – which have invested the whole continent, leaving homogeneous furrows and influencing the development of contemporary legal cultures, which deserve a deep and wide-ranging confrontation, which should not, however, deny the historical ruptures and geographical diversities. Therefore, the main idea of the program is to work on the long term (from the Middle Ages to the 21st century) and at the continental level (Europe lato sensu) in a structured way, around the trajectories of the development of commercial law.

Such a project requires the utilization of various sources, not only because of the chronological and geographical scope of PHEDRA, but also because of its subject matter – business law – which requires going far beyond legal texts, which are themselves already marked by their diversity. Thus, in the course of various workshops led by researchers from all over Europe, doctoral students will be led to consider ways of understanding accounting documents, ars mercatoria treatises, legislative provisions, doctrinal works, iconographic representations, and practical acts, both manuscripts and printed documents, medieval and modern as well as contemporary. Among the themes that will be addressed on this occasion, a focus on commercial companies seems to be conducive to putting the issues of the PHEDRA program into perspective.

In addition to these workshops, the summer school will host lectures by international researchers who are members of the PHEDRA International Research Network.

Working languages will be French and English.

Accepted PhD students will receive a grant of 200 € to cover accommodation costs (overnight stay and breakfast). 

Teachers will be:

Anja Amend-Traut – Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Luisa Brunori – Cnrs/Université de Lille

Albrecht Cordes – Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

David Deroussin – Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Dave De ruysscher – Tillburg University

Oliver Descamps – Université Paris Panthéon-Assas

Florent Garnier – Université Toulouse Capitole

Nicolas Laurent-Bonne – Université Paris-Est Créteil

Alexis Mages – Université de Bourgogne

Annamaria Monti – Università Bocconi di Milano

Carlos Petit Calvo – Universidad de Huelva

Xavier Prévost – Université de Bordeaux

Fouzi Rehrrousse – Université de Oudja

Guido Rossi – Edimbourgh University 

Victor Simon – Université de Lille

Interested PhD students are requested to send a CV and a presentation of their PhD work of maximum 10,000 characters including spaces to the three Summer School coordinators before 30 November 2021:

– Luisa Brunori: luisa.brunori@univ-lille.fr

– Florent Garnier : florent.garnier@ut-capitole.fr

– Xavier Prévost : xavier.prevost@u-bordeaux.fr

Source: https://phedraproject.wordpress.com/the-phedras-summer-school-29-6-1-7-2022 (14.10.2021)