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l’Art et le Droit / Art and Law - International Days of the Society for Legal and Institutional History of Flanders, Picardy and Wallonia

March 16, 2022

Middelburg (Netherlands), 28 May 2022
Deadline for proposals: 20 April 2022

The Society for Legal and Institutional History of Flanders, Picardy and Wallonia holds its annual "International days" 2022 on 28 May 2022 in Middelburg (The Netherlands).
The theme of the conference is : « l’Art et le Droit » (“Art and Law”).

Art and Law – a universal theme through the ages. Various approaches may be distinguished. First. Law itself is an art – ars aequi et boni. Thus wording of law may be like poetry (e.g. ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident’; or ‘en fait des meubles la possession vaut titre’. Second. Art obviously may be an imagination of law. Thus images of justice, or of virtuous rulers have decorated our public places, like Zaleukos, Cambyses or Brutus. Thirdly, most important, art itself is an object of law – and far from clear-cut. The artist, the objects, and relations concerning art are all on stage, strutting and fretting through interests individual and common, public and private, local and universal, of times past and times to come.
Obviously, there is so much more, especially in the clear lines and dots of the real world. Our theme contains so many topics from as many perspectives, which all may be taken up for a contribution. Warmly invited. Art, by nature, concerns us all.
This general theme does not exclude papers about other subjects regarding legal history or institutional history.
Presentations can be held in French, English or Dutch. Speakers have to send a summary to the organization (preferably in French and/or English). Please be aware that only seven speakers can be accommodated.
Proposals should be sent before 20 April 2022 to J.M. MILO and E.K.E. von BONE, j.m.milo@uu.nl, vonbone21@gmail.com

Source: https://chj-cnrs.univ-lille.fr/detail-event/journees-internationales-dhistoire-du-droit-et-des-institutions-middelbourg-pays-bas/  (This call for papers is also available in French and Dutch)