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Call for papers: Tangier Statute Centenary Conference

Jan. 13, 2023

Conference: Tangier (Morocco), 18 December 2023

Deadline for contribution proposals: 31 May 2023

On the 18th of December 1923, the Statute of Tangier was signed in Paris. This treaty, signed between France, Spain and the United Kingdom, and later joined by Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Italy, provided for the creation of a new legal entity: the International Zone of Tangier. Established by 1925, the Tangier Zone was formally an integral part of Morocco, but subject to a special regime that left most of its institutions under the joint administration of several Western powers. This special regime would last until Morocco’s independence in 1956, with some international elements remaining in place under a Royal Charter until 1960.

The conference aims to celebrate the centenary of this Statute.

The full call for papers, including examples of research topics and participation details, can be downloaded below or found here in different languages.