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2x 0,5 Associate Postdoctoral Fellows "Transnational Advocacy Networks and Corporate Accountability for Major International Crimes"

Sept. 24, 2023

The Department of Politics at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA, Bucharest, Romania) invites applications for 2 positions of Associate Postdoctoral Fellows to work within the interdisciplinary ERC Consolidator Project Transnational Advocacy Networks and Corporate Accountability for Major International Crimes (CORPACCOUNT), led by Dr. Raluca Grosescu.

Deadline for application: 06.10.2023

CORPACCOUNT examines/explores transnational mobilisations and counter-mobilisations for holding multinational corporations and their representatives accountable for complicity in major international crimes (genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity) committed during dictatorships and violent conflicts since the 1970s. It focuses on three major innovations to the current literature on corporate accountability: 1) It will deliver a critical sociological analysis of both advocacy movements and business groups and associations involved in transnational accountability campaigns, studying their political, professional and regional activist agendas and divergent approaches to corporate liability. 2) It will analyse various ideas and strategies for dealing with corporate violence and illuminate the socio-political conditions under which they succeed in enforcing accountability. 3) It will explore how different visions of human rights, economic globalisation, development and democratisation shape accountability strategies. The research centres on four types of transnational campaigns that spread across the Global South and the Global North and on the resulting response from states, international organisations, and business groups: a) advocacy for criminalising corporate misconduct in international/regional treaties; b) civil and criminal litigations; c) legislative initiatives for prohibiting trade with and investment in dictatorial settings; and d) boycotts. The project will examine different historical, political and geographical contexts from anti-Apartheid mobilisations to corporate accountability in Latin America after the military dictatorships, African contexts such as Sudan and Nigeria, and Asia countries such as Myanmar.

All important information can be found here: https://snspa.ro/en/2-positions-of-associate-postdoctoral-fellows-to-work-within-the-interdisciplinary-erc-consolidator-project-corpaccount/