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Provincial jurisdictions in Roman Antiquity

5. April 2024

Organisers: https://psc.uva.nl/ in cooperation with https://www.amsterdamlawhub.nl/

Dates: April 15th to April 17th 2024
Location: room A 3.15 (moot court) at the Roeterseilandcampus of the University of Amsterdam: https://www.uva.nl/locaties/roeterseiland/rec-a.html?origin=7T%2FM%2BG9FRwSb4LxAEZLZmA

Following a recent volume on Roman law in the provinces, this conference is about the complicated scope and function of and between various provincial jurisdictions in Roman Antiquity, primarily that of the provincial governor (proconsul). Much about provincial jurisdictions in Roman Antiquity is still unclear. For example, when, how and to what extent the jurisdiction of the provincial governor came into being remains a mystery. This conference aims to shed light on the scope and functioning of provincial jurisdictions in Roman Antiquity, and the relations between them.


14:00 T.A.J. McGinn (key-note): Cicero, Pliny, and the role of legal knowledge in Roman provincial administration
15:30 Y. Rivière (key-note): Control and limits of the governor’s criminal jurisdiction during the Roman Empire

10:30 P. Buongiorno: Forms of punishment in the judicial routine of the provincial governors: some remarks
11:15 M. Scognamiglio: Governors and the defence of the legis Fabiae cognitio
12:00 G. Kantor (PSC session): Septimius Severus to the Lycian League: emergency jurisdiction in a Roman province?
15:00 K. Tuori: The jurisdiction of the governor and the emperor: Ideas of justice and the divine based on an inscription from Alexandria
17:30 T. Beggio (Forum Romanum at the Free University Amsterdam): Some remarks on abolitio criminum and indulgentia criminum in light of the texts of the Codex Theodosianus and the Breviarium Alaricianum

10:30 S. Simelius: Law and administration in the Roman provincial urban space
11:15 J. Giltaij: The Roman ‘Reichsrecht’, the laws of Augustus and the jurisdiction of the governor

Source: www.law.ugent.be/grond/courant/2024/202403/ProvincialJurisdictions.pdf (5.4.2024)